keep me moving on

(S.Miller/E.Burton - PRS/MCPS)


Keep me moving on

Keep me pointed away from wherever I’ve come from

Never let me rest,

If I’ve already tasted it then it can’t be the best

Watching strangers shuffle down these broken streets

Keep me out of touch, out of reach

Keep me moving on

Never standing still

If boredom is the illness then movement is the pill

Ever changing views,

You won’t find me mourning yesterday's news

Music fills these open halls

Let me dance, let me spin, let me fall

Keep me moving on

I’ll write you a song I'll sing to you someday

I’ll buy you a book and I’ll read to you everyday

Send you pictures of a home I’ll live in one day

If I can quiet my panicked thoughts that lead me

Lead me astray

Keep me moving on.

Roaming into hazy nights

I’m drinking to forget but never losing sight

I can’t hold your gaze,

Let me keep my head down, push on without a trace


Time now to let go

If this was the place to rest Id already know Tracing lines upon your face

If I stay too long my tired bones will bind me to this place

© Siobhan Miller