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Bloom is the fifth studio album from Scottish folk singer Siobhan Miller. After two years without the fun, energy, and community of folk festivals and sessions, Miller wanted to capture that feeling again and revisit more of the songs she grew up listening to that she'd never sung or recorded. Reunited here with many of the all-star band from her award-winning second album Strata she's joined by Kris Drever (Lau), Eddi Reader, Louis Abbott (Admiral Fallow), and Ian Carr (Kate Rusby) amongst others.

For Bloom, Siobhan brings together a collection of well-loved traditional songs such as 'I'm a Rover', here reworked as a feel-good anthem, to more recent folk classics such as Ewan MacColl's 'Go, Move, Shift' and Rab Noakes' 'Open All Night'. Siobhan gives her unique take on these songs she loves so much while staying true to what makes them so timeless.

The joy of a band reunited in the studio together after two years apart is what fuels this album. Siobhan says "I wanted to capture that energy of performing with these incredible musicians as much as possible. The energy that happens when you're all in a room together making music and feeding off each other. I really feel that live energy and joy comes across on Bloom more than on any other album I've made."


  1. Queen Of Argyll

  2. Cold Blows The Rainy Night

  3. Star O' The Bar

  4. Go, Move, Shift

  5. I’m A Rover

  6. The Swan Swims

  7. The Battle Of Waterloo

  8. Open All Night

  9. Saturday Night

  10. Wild Mountain Thyme


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