carrying stream


S.Miller/E.Burton - PRS/MCPS


She was only sixteen years

From earth scarred by battle, trampled by fears

She stared into the darkness and plotted her escape


Leaving all she’d ever known

Familiar sounds, the one who’d watched her grow

A leather bag patched up at the seams

To hold it all



Bound by the carrying stream

What’s gone before shapes the shifting scene

With every step we take out from the gloom

I only hope the light will get here soon


New-found views of a stark unknown

Autumn falls on her new life alone

Worry folded in every corner of her heart,

Just carry on


Arriving with the turning tide

The queen of winter sits by her side

Strong hands guide her through the wrecking nights

She won’t let go




Weathered by the aching storm

That never forgets where you’ve come from

Memories ring louder with each word

Their voices speak of crisp new air, time has won

How rivers guide the ageing sun

Those same winds cradle her home again

Where she can sing along



© Siobhan Miller