(S.Miller/K.Drever/E.Burton - PRS/MCPS)


A child of good fortune lost in his time

Mind on the job

A dragonfly casket, some pins and a cork board

And a message to God

Through all of my lifetime the walls kept on falling

The message was clear

But now that I’m ageing our memories are fading

Only left with our fears


I was someone who was losing

Someone who was losing; I was left behind

I was someone who was losing

Someone who was losing a piece of my mind


No more than a shadow held in the lamplight

A stranger in full view

The heart of the city rolled to a standstill

In memory of you

I can still feel it now as white clouds come down

Row after row

Backs to the nightlife, I reach out for tomorrow

A stranger no more



Phrenology’s calling,

To instincts that we had before

An inbuilt resistance,

To those who are wounded to the core.

© Siobhan Miller