the growing dawn

Inspired by the poem “The Bird that was Trapped she has Flown” by James Robertson

(S.Miller/E.Burton - PRS/MCPS)


There is no mercy, no one to take the blame

Ready to leave, lifted without a fear

The time has now come, shades of grey turn to blue

The night whispers its last

The dream that was dreamed is true



In the small hours we will gather here

Just to hear you say

Rise with the growing dawn

Caught in the rhythm of the day


Lighter on earth, heavier in our hearts

Take to the seasons, find our own steady tread

Clasping our hands, dappled with green and gold

We rest at your table, caught in the undertow


I’ll think of you early watching the wide open sky

Shouldered we stand

The lips that were sealed have cried




Be  still and breathe easy, the night a passing friend

Words lying heavy, they take no shelter now

The crowds in reverse sorrowing far from home

We must not tarry

The bird that was trapped has flown




Last Chorus

In the small hours we will think of you

And how it used to be

Rising with the growing dawn

© Siobhan Miller