S.Miller/E.Burton - PRS/MCPS


Put on your old coat you said it reminds you of those violet years

Waltzing in the balance on the cutting room floor

Dressed up in the 60s, you looked just like your mother did

Feathers on your shoulders shout your challenge to the day



It’s a weight

A weight too great to bear

The undergrowth takes hold

Now I don’t know which way to go


Tell them to join loud, to meet you at the picket line

Stronger with each voice, you will bring the ceasefire

Reaching out across the border, skimming stones as best we can

Keep a weather eye on, only now I understand


I wish I’d taken more time when what was yours was yours and mine

Old songs in your bloodstream, you knew every line

Sinking with the ebony as the cracks begin to show

Addicted to the the highwire that once belonged to you



You are still the same, the same but ever changed

Floating on the mercury trapped in a lucid dream

I'll come and see you soon to look you in your cotton eyes

Sifting through the blackouts for a part of you that's near




I don't know myself

You don't know yourself

We don't know ourselves at all

© Siobhan Miller